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Dryback floors

Primers for hybrid installation of glued LVT floors

Research in floor coverings has brought solutions that allow floors to be laid quickly over large areas. The commercial development segment appreciates especially the LVT floors traditionally installed with glue directly to the floor – called Dryback. Despite its many advantages, this type of flooring is also a demanding product, which is why it is practically absent from the modern (DIY) channel. The basic requirement when installing a Dryback floor is a perfectly level floor. This is due to the fact that Dryback flooring has a very low thickness and is flexible, so that it transfers all the irregularities of the substrate to the floor surface, strongly exposing them. A separate issue is the installation itself, traditionally carried out with chemical adhesives and forcing the glued floor to be seasoned before any further finishing work is carried out. Also, the subsequent removal of the glued floor is usually costly and ends up damaging the flooring surface under the floor. As the market leader in underlays, we could not remain indifferent to these problems and designed underlays ensuring the masking of local irregularities in the flooring, equipped with an adhesive layer allowing for hybrid adhesive-floating installation (the floor is bound to the underlay but separated from the flooring, so its removal does not damage the flooring and can be carried out in several minutes), but, above all, ensuring the best thermal conductivity parameters for underfloor heating and dimensional stability, so important for floors installed in sunny areas. All this is offered as standard.

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Karolina Kobylińska-Noak | Sales Coordinator +48 519 141 890
Karolina Kobylińska-Noak | Sales Coordinator +48 519 141 890