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The history of our company dates back more than 20 years and you can find our products on the shelves of major DIY chains.

Our partners

We started producing floor underlays in 2011.
The establishment of FairUnderlay was our natural development path and was a response to market demand.

The more than 10 years of experience in PE processing that we brought with us from Fair Packaging allowed us from our very beginning to produce underlays that met the most stringent standards set by market organisations.

Today, we already supply to 24 countries, have an extensive customer portfolio and our products are on the shelves of the largest DIY chains in the world.




Innovative PE foam packaging



Manufacturer of floor underlays. Market leader in private label.



PE foam edge strips to eliminate the effects of concrete floor movements and stresses

We are a member of the EPLF and the MMFA

We are constantly developing our expertise in the standards and requirements of laminate, layered and vinyl flooring manufacturers. All our activities are consistent with the latest recommendations of the EPLF, MMFA and the harmonised European Standard EN 16354 “Laminate floor coverings – Underlays – Specifications, requirements and test methods”.

We have been members of the EPLF and MMFA organisations since 2020.


Our production process is waste-free. All process waste is returned to the production cycle.

We want to use less energy and be more efficient, so we invest in efficient technologies. We also invest in renewable energy because we are committed to being energy self-sufficient.

Fair Underlay - CEO, CD

Fair Underlay - CEO, CD

Mateusz Prętki


Founder and owner of the company. After graduating with a degree in Political Science, he found employment as a salesman in a multinational company.

For 14 years, he went through all levels of development in sales positions. In 2003, after completing his MBA, he decided to start his own company.

In his own words: “The path of development from zero and without capital has been an extraordinary adventure. It was only possible thanks to the support of my family and dedicated colleagues who are still with me today and whom I think of always with gratitude.”

Jakub Prętki


He gained experience and knowledge of the industry by working directly on production machinery and by representing the company at trade fairs and industry events.

Upon graduation in 2019, he gradually assumed responsibility for the commercial areas. Jakub is currently Commercial Director and is responsible for the Sales area, as well as taking care of the Marketing, Front Office and Research & Development departments.


“Being Fair unites us in an ambitious effort to push boundaries and give security. The foundations on which we base our organisation are the Autonomy, Relationship and Competence of our collaborators. We are particularly proud of the relationships we create for many, many years”

Mateusz Prętki, CEO


In 2016, Fair Underlay launched its own research laboratory. We work with high-calibre specialists who assess all the relevant parameters of the floor underlays and the materials they are made of.

The laboratory carries out both standard compliance tests and quality tests in production processes as well as in development of new products – new underlay technologies.

Quality Control

The quality assurance process is carried out by an experienced team of quality control department specialists. We supervise production from the input of the raw material, through the various stages of production to the finished product.

We are audited by our major business partners – not only in the flooring accessories industry. Our regular customers include brands such as IKEA and LG Electronics, known for their uncompromising commitment to ensuring the highest quality, environmental or social standards

Production Security

Ensuring product availability has been our forte from the outset.

The constant expansion of our machinery allows production to be immediately redirected to resources with overlapping competences in the event of a breakdown. All this to deliver orders with a high OTIF rate, exceeding 97% complete deliveries on the agreed date.

Our Reach

We already supply our underlays to 24 countries. We are ready for new markets.

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Karolina Kobylińska-Noak | Sales Coordinator +48 519 141 890 sales_fu@fairpackaging.pl
Karolina Kobylińska-Noak | Sales Coordinator +48 519 141 890 sales_fu@fairpackaging.pl