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Manufacturer of floor underlays. Since 2011, we have been manufacturing and supplying floor underlays sold in Europe’s largest retail chains.


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Our partners

Why customers choose to work with us?

Helping you create your brand

Helping you create your brand – We are only successful when our customers are too. That’s why we want your brand to be strong and sell. We know what it takes to do this and are happy to share our experience.

Providing sales solutions

The right tools, sales aids but also training significantly affect your resale. When you work with us, you can count on us to deliver them in the most optimal form for you.


The market success of our customers is a prerequisite for the growth of our company. Although we are not directly involved in retail sales – we actively support our customers with knowledge, experience and tools to increase sales.

In-house laboratory

In-house laboratory – Not only have we been working with various independent research institutions for several years, but we also have our own laboratory. This allows us to monitor the quality of our products on an ongoing basis, but we are also able to test the samples supplied to us.

Waste-free production process

We are committed to making our production environmentally friendly. We employ a range of solutions that enable us to make optimal use of raw materials. Our manufacturing process is circular – we produce no waste!

We sell a business, not a product.

We offer our experience, support and comprehensive care to ensure you get the best resale of our underlays.

Support in building your brand

Training for you and your customers

A partnership approach to business

Join us

Our offer is aimed at a wide range of companies in the flooring industry. We offer professional support for each business model.


We offer unique products

We support your private labels

We play FAIR – we offer business loyalty

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Specialist network

We offer products sought after by fitters

We are a member of the EPLF and the MMFA – and treat it as an obligation

Together we create the best marketing and sales solutions

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DIY logistics operator

We design displays to facilitate the sale of underlays

We offer customised products

We ensure security of supply

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Fair Underlay – A proven brand

Years of hard work have made our brand recognisable all over the world. We already supply to 24 countries and are constantly looking to expand our reach – CEO

Mateusz Prętki


600 K

dwellings with our underlays

9.2 MLN.

people using our underlays every day

1.5 MLN.

rolls that have left our factory

We are a regular participant in the DOMOTEX trade fair

We actively participate in many events related to the flooring industry. For several years, you can meet us at the international Domotex trade fair organised by Deutsche Messe.

We are a member of the EPLF and the MMFA

We constantly develop our expertise in the standards and requirements of laminate, layered and vinyl flooring manufacturers. All our activities are consistent with the latest recommendations of the EPLF, MMFA and the harmonised European Standard EN 16354 “Laminate floor coverings – Underlays – Specifications, requirements and test methods”. We have been members of the EPLF and MMFA organisations since 2020.

Our customers

Among our customers you will find leading players in the flooring and flooring accessories supply chain. These are companies with recognisable international brands. Thanks to our tailor-made offerings and the methods we have developed over the years – we build long-term business relationships with our customers.

What they say about us

find out what our customers think

Opinion 1, Manager

Fair Underlay is a serious and responsible business partner that works proactively in securing quality and delivery performance on the products we buy. The communication flow is smooth and the accessibility of employees is high when we have questions or inquiries. All these things are crucial for us in order to have success within our market. Furthermore the modern production facility and their work with automatization and continuously optimizations makes Fair Underlay a competitive supplier and a long-term business partner.

Opinion 2, CEO

For many years, we do business with Fair Underlay, and we are pleased to do business with this company. The products are a mix from new innovated products and good old “basics”. The communication is very good also the reliability of delivery times. So summarizing, we are very satisfied about the cooperation and hope we can continue for many years!

Opinion 3, Sales Director

As a partner with Fair Underlay for many years, we greatly appreciate the open and positive approach to developing new products and seeing new opportunities in the market.

Opinion 4, Logistic Director

We started our partnership early 2011. During the years, Fair Underlay developed a wide range of underlays that fit our demand well. In close contact, we introduced various customer specific products together to fulfil or exceed our customers’ needs and expectations. Fair Underlay has proven to be flexible when necessary, and in our eyes that is key to a fruitful cooperation.

Our products

We offer floor underlays dedicated to all types of flooring installed in a floating system – laminate, wood and vinyl.

Our production is based on the foaming and laminating technology of polyethylene and natural and synthetic rubber.

Our products can be 100% customised to your needs and provide the required functionalities – such as an integrated vapour barrier with overlap and tape for quick installation, an anti-slip layer or an adhesive layer for easy installation of Dryback floors.”

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Full range of product parameters

Extra functional layer

Adhesive tab


As a manufacturer, we control the entire underlay manufacturing process, including printing, packaging and branding

When communicating with the customer, we use the product catalogue as a way of systematising our capabilities as well as industry standards for floor underlays.

If you are looking for customised solutions, tailored to the needs of your customers, allowing you to individualise or diversify your product portfolio, then you have come to the right place. This is what we specialise in!

If you have an idea for a new, innovative product that is not on the market today and you see potential and opportunity for your business, we are here for you to design such a product together and provide you with prototypes for testing. Our strength is our extremely efficient product development process – we needed only three months to design, develop and test a completely new anti-radon primer consisting of seven layers. Our customer did not believe that such a complex and innovative product could be developed so quickly!

How do We produce?

We operate according to the Make-To-Order model. We are a company with a strong focus on process management, which enables us to achieve high quality, flexibility and responsiveness to customer needs.

In production, we rely not only on reliable machinery, but above all on experienced operators. This allows us to ensure optimal product performance throughout the manufacturing process.

– Jakub Prętki

Commercial Director / Second Generation Business Ownership


Our production process is waste-free.

All technological production waste is returned for reuse in the form of regranulate, using an in-house waste recycling plant.

We want to use less energy and be more efficient, so we invest in efficient technologies. We also invest in renewable energy because we are committed to being energy self-sufficient and protecting the environment.

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Karolina Kobylińska-Noak | Sales Coordinator +48 519 141 890 sales_fu@fairpackaging.pl
Karolina Kobylińska-Noak | Sales Coordinator +48 519 141 890 sales_fu@fairpackaging.pl