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Special underlays for vinyl flooring

Vinyl flooring (LVT) has won the hearts of consumers all over the world. They are state-of-the-art, designed using the latest technological advances, equipped with the most advanced joining systems, resistant to harsh use, durable and provide the widest spectrum of style choices – from imitation stone and steel, through designer panel designs, to perfect imitations of classic wood. One of the distinguishing features of vinyl floors is their low thickness – they are on average 50% thinner than classic laminate floors. This is an advantage, as it gives them excellent thermal conductivity, but also a disadvantage – their joints are very delicate and prone to damage. When designing the underlay for the vinyl flooring, we kept in mind both the safety of the installation – ensured by the high load resistance and the unique anti-slip layer – as well as compliance with the latest trends in energy efficiency. Our underlays for LVT flooring have the best thermal conductivity on the market, ensuring the highest energy efficiency rating for new-built residential and commercial properties. Our membership of the MMFA – the organisation of Europe’s largest vinyl flooring manufacturers – is a guarantee of compliance with the requirements of LVT flooring manufacturers.

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Karolina Kobylińska-Noak | Sales Coordinator +48 519 141 890
Karolina Kobylińska-Noak | Sales Coordinator +48 519 141 890