What is the EPLF?

EPLF is an international industry organization bringing together European manufacturers of laminate flooring. Among the brands that are members of the EPLF we will find all the major flooring companies including Classen, Balterio, Berry Alloc, Alsapan, Kaindl, Haro, Krono Flooring, Parador, QuickStep, Pergo, Swiss Krono, Windmoeller, Kueberitt, Sekisui Alveo, Selit or Unilin.

What does the EPLF do?

The EPLF functions as an information platform for manufacturers and suppliers to the flooring industry, promotes the establishment and maintenance of business contacts between members, builds a positive image of the product, i.e. laminate flooring, takes care of the ecological aspect of the manufacture and processing of laminate flooring, upholds fair competition and actively promotes standardization and normalization in laminate flooring and flooring accessories including underlays.

What does EPLF membership mean for us?

Joining the ranks of the flooring industry’s most prominent brands in addition to the obvious prestige is also a very serious commitment. Our status as an extraordinary member of the EPLF means that we are an active participant in all initiatives undertaken by the organization. This gives us access to information on developments in the laminate flooring industry and consequently allows us to intensify our research and development work in matching floor underlays to the changing core flooring product.

This also means an obligation to provide our customers with floor underlays that comply with the requirements of laminate flooring manufacturers while maintaining a quality regime and using modern and environmentally friendly manufacturing methods.

One of the key aspects in our production is ensuring the highest environmental standards. We meet them by realizing our production in a zero-waste, closed-cycle production process model- as 100% of technological production waste is recycled in our technology.

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