Why is it important to find out which will deliver better? (you need to know what you need)

The flooring in our home plays a key role, influencing the appearance, functionality and therefore the comfort of the space. When choosing a floor, many people focus on the type of material, pattern or colour, but forget about an equally important element – the floor underlay. Choosing the right underlay is crucial, especially for the long-term durability of our floor.

What will I read about in today's article?

We will take a look at two popular options – cheap foam, the so-called ‘packable’, and floor underlays – slightly more expensive products that meet the requirements of flooring manufacturers. We’ll find out why it’s worth noting their differences and what criteria you should consider when making your decision.

Packaging foam

This is a flexible material made mostly of polyethylene. It is soft and resilient and gives the impression of being a soundproofing and cushioning material. Foam also has insulating properties, which means that it protects against heat loss and can therefore reduce heating costs. This is a choice dictated only by apparent economic considerations.

Floor underlay

It can be made from a variety of materials, such as XPS, polyethylene foam, natural rubber or composite materials. Its main task is to distribute the load evenly and absorb pressure. In this way, it protects the floor from damage such as cracking or deformation. In addition, an underlay can also improve sound insulation, absorb reflected sound or improve the effectiveness of the underfloor heating system.

podkład podłogowy

What are the benefits of choosing an underlay?

A key argument for choosing a floor underlay is the durability of the floor. After all, packaged foams do not meet the flooring manufacturer’s basic requirements in terms of load protection, which leads to rapid wear and tear of the flooring and consequently exposes the user to higher costs.

What to look for when choosing?

In order to decide which material will better meet our expectations, we need to know what we need. Here are some criteria to consider:

  1. Durability – if we want to enjoy an undamaged floor for a longer period of time, only an underlay will provide this.
  1. Thermal insulation- if we want our floor to be warm, especially for ground floor rooms or cold floors, an XPS underlay will be an excellent product. It will maintain the temperature of the room thanks to its insulating properties.
  2. Protection from damage- if we are concerned that the floor will be exposed to heavy loads, for example in a room with heavy furniture or heavy traffic, an underlay is ideal. Thanks to its rigidity and durability, it will make the floor more resistant against damage.
  3. Acoustic insulation – if you want to reduce noise, especially in rooms on the first floor or in multi-family dwellings, it is worth choosing a floor underlay as an insulating material. It contains materials in its structure that reduce sound, thus preventing noise transmission between rooms.
  4. Low purchase cost- if you choose foam as a flooring underlay, you will reduce the initial expense of purchasing flooring and accessories.


Choosing the right floor underlay depends on individual preferences and needs. Foam will be ideal for those looking for the lowest price and not expecting longevity of the floor. Underlay, on the other hand, will provide many years of satisfaction with a correctly installed floor, will work better for heavier loads and provide protection against damage and sound insulation. Therefore, it is worthwhile to carefully analyse your needs before making a choice and to consult professionals who will help us select the right flooring underlay.

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